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Are you interested in the care sector and curious about the economic foundations and practical implementation of health-related issues? Then FSA Health Economics is the perfect event for you! This event offers ambitious, financially oriented students with an interest in healthcare the opportunity to contact different companies in the commercial health sector in in an informal manner. Such companies include pharmaceutical companies, consultancy offices focused on the healthcare sector, health insurance and hospitals.

The field of Health Economics developed in response to the growing demand for analytical specialists within the healthcare sector. As the number of health problems and the ageing population continue to grow, there is an increased need for economic evaluation and models within the field of healthcare. Additionally, health care must respond to the development of new technologies.

The second edition of Health Economics will take place on the 14th of March 2018.

Event Outline

Event date March 14th 2018
Application deadline February 27th 2018
Target group 3rd year bachelor and master students from various disciplines
Location Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club, Amsterdam
Fluency in Dutch required Yes
Participating companies KPMG Plexus, Gupta strategists, Menzis
Selection process CV selection

The program of Health Economics 2018:

Plenary Session
The event will kick-off at 13:00 with a plenary speaker session by Mathijs Versteegh, a health specialist from the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment. He will give a short lecture, and the participating companies (Menzis, KPMG Plexus & Gupta Strategists) will introduce themselves.


A interactive discussion will start between the students en the representatives from the companies. Theme: “Increasing medicine prices in healthcare”

Case Workshop

After the discussion, students will be put into groups and start working on an informative and educational case. You will do this case at one of the three participating companies (Menzis, KPMG Plezus & Gupta Strategists).


The afternoon will end with an informal “borrel” (drinks), where students and companies have the opportunity to exchange experiences and engage in further discussion. The drinks start around 17:30.

Health Economics Committee 2018

  • Elza Essing
  • Coördinator Board
  • 020 – 525 6512

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

The application is open now! On February 27th the application will close.

You can apply by sending your resume. Please pay attention that you use PDF format for your resume.

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