A year on the FSA Board

Are you able to lead the largest financial study association in the Benelux? Develop yourself and boost your CV during a board year at the FSA. At the FSA, you are in a unique position to work with leading companies, such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Shell and Ab InBev. While working in this ambitious and social environment, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself in both a professional and personal way. A board year at the FSA is the ideal preparation for your future career!


Benefits of a board year at the FSA

  • Connector.

    Boost your resumé

    A board year is excellent on you resumé and can set you apart from others when applying for jobs.

  • Connector.


    Together with 5 others, you are responsible for managing and organizing the largest financial study association in the Netherlands. The responsibility that comes with this job is challenging and, above all, educational.

  • Connector.

    Get in touch with interesting businesses

    The FSA has more than 100 partner companies, and board members are the main contact points for these businesses. As a board member, this gives you the unique opportunity to get in touch with businesses and seek out future employers.

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    Develop your organizational skills

    As a board member, you will learn practical skills by leading the organization of the annual events.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us! Are you interested in a board year at the FSA? Please send an e-mail to Jurre (internal@fsa.nl). Moreover, you can meet us during the next events, for more information and to answer all your questions:

Just Meet Us borrel

Date: March 1
Time: From 21:00
Location: Café de Paris


Date: March 20
Time: From 21:00
Location: Het Groene Paleis

Good to know

  • Full time board year
  • Fluency in Dutch is required
  • Previous experience in an FSA committee is not required
  • Being enrolled at a university is not required

Application process

  • Resumé, Motivation letter & Grade list
  • First meeting with the Supervisory Board (RvC)
  • Second meeting with the Supervisory Board (RvC)

How do I apply? You can apply by sending an e-mail with your motivation letter, your resumé and your grade list to president@fsa.nl. The deadline for applying is Monday March 26th.

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