A year on the FSA Board

Do you have what it takes to spend a year leading an association with over 4,700 members? Can you improve the FSA’s top projects, such as the London Banking Tour, Consultition and the Research Project? Does the prospect of being on a board that manages more than 60 committee members within the largest financial study association in the Netherlands excite you? Above all, are you up for a new challenge?


Benefits of a board year at the FSA

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    Boost your resumé

    A board year is excellent on you resumé and can set you apart from others when applying for jobs.

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    Together with 5 others, you are responsible for managing and organizing the largest financial study association in the Netherlands. The responsibility that comes with this job is challenging and, above all, educational.

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    Get in touch with interesting businesses

    The FSA has more than 100 partner companies, and board members are the main contact points for these businesses. As a board member, this gives you the unique opportunity to get in touch with businesses and seek out future employers.

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    Develop your organizational skills

    As a board member, you will learn practical skills by leading the organization of the FSA’s projects and events.


Spending a year as an FSA board member is an unforgettable and unique experience. We understand, however, that applying for such a position is a big step. In order to provide interested students with an opportunity to ask all the questions they have and to leave them feeling enthusiastic and well prepared for the application, it is possible to request an orientation call with Jurre Verhoeven (internal relations) before signing up. If you are abroad during the orientation and/or application period, it is possible for both of these sessions to be done through Skype.

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Application criteria

  • Motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic student
  • Previous experience in an FSA committee is not required
  • Being enrolled at a university is not required
  • Being well-prepared and gaining insight into the functions, goals and projects of the FSA is a must

Application process

  • Resumé & Motivation letter
  • First meeting with the Supervisory Board (RvC)
  • Second meeting with the Supervisory Board (RvC)