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Why the FSA?

The Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) is the largest financial study association in the Netherlands with more than 4,000 members. We serve the interests of economically and financially oriented students who are in the final phase of their studies (third-year Bachelor and Master’s students) from both the University of Amsterdam and the VU Amsterdam. Additionally, the (inter)national acknowledgment that the FSA receives allows for us to include students from other universities in our pool of members.

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Through the activities organised by the FSA, we aim to bridge the gap for students between their studies and future careers. In order to do so, we need you as a company. The FSA acts as a platform for you to present your company and relevant career opportunities to motivated students. The FSA is acclaimed to pursue this goal effectively and ambitiously through our projects, social media, website and, above all, enthusiastic members. It can be confirmed by many that we have been able to meet and exceed our goals as an association, with professionalism and ambition, for our 22 years of existence.

What does the FSA offer?

In the tabs below you will find a categorized list of the services we offer. Naturally, we can also tailor these to your specific wishes. If you have any further questions, for example about our pricing, please contact our external relations through the information provided at the bottom of this page.

  • FSA Website
  • Company profile

    Company info including logo on the FSA Website and the right to place unlimited internships and vacancies on our career page during the academic year.

    Business Calender

    Possibility to put events and deadlines in the business calendar on the FSA homepage.


    Video on the FSA homepage.


    Broad“visual” which gives maximum visibility on the FSA homepage.


    Grafic advertisement on the FSA homepage.


    Posting an interview with an employee on the FSA Inside blog.
  • Social Media
  • Facebook

    Exposure on the Facebookpage of the FSA with more than 4300 likes.


    Exposure on the LinkedIn page of the FSA.
  • Mailings
  • FSA Mailing

    Mailing to a preselected group of students.
    Each year we organise several projects that students can sign up for and you, as a company, can participate in. Each project has unique characteristics, but recurring themes include inhouse days, case workshops, debates, lectures, presentations, lunches, dinners and overnight trips. Click on this page to see the complete project portfolio of the FSA. If you are interested in participating in any of the existing projects, or have ideas to collaborate and create a new project, please contact our external relations through the information provided at the bottom of this page.

  • Broad focus projects
  • In general, our projects cater to students interested in accountancy, business, consultancy, economics and finance. As a company, you indicate what kind of students you prefer to reach out to. We then adjust our promotion according to your preferences.
  • Specific focus projects
  • Previous projects have shown that participating students and businesses come from a range of different industries and sectors. If you are interested in reaching students with a specific background, that is definitely possible! Our member file consists of students with a broad scope of interests, but also students with a very specific (for example technical) background.
    Naturally, we are always looking for new forms of collaboration with companies. If you have an idea or want to brainstorm a concept, please contact our external relations through the information at the bottom of the page. You can find a short compilation of existing collaboration opportunities below:
  • Trainings & Workshops
  • We organise various trainings and workshops for our active and passive members. These focus on a broad range of topics, including application, acquisition, negotiation and management workshops. In addition to the expertise that students can gain through the substantive nature of such trainings, they also offer an ideal opportunity for you to present your company and, of course, to become acquainted with our members.
  • Main Sponsorship
  • By becoming the FSA’s primary sponsor, you get to enjoy discounts and various additional benefits. Are you interested in having your company become the FSA’s primary sponsor? Please contact our external relations through the information at the bottom of this page.

  • Guest lectures
  • If you wish to present your company through a guest lecture at the University of Amsterdam or VU Amsterdam, please take up contact with our external relations. We can then discuss with our Advisory Board (RvA) and the university whether there is an appropriate opportunity to do so during the planned lectures.
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    credit suisse


    Are you interested in a partnership or need further information? Please, contact us via the contact details below:

    • 020 – 525 6357
    • Universiteit van Amsterdam
      Roetersstraat 11
      Room E1.33/E1.34
      1018 TV Amsterdam

    KvK: 40539233
    BTW: 8061.00.825.B.01