Committee Member

As a member within an FSA committee you have the opportunity to gain professional experience in multiple ways. You will become part of a team that shares the responsibility of turning a project into a reality, learn how to establish and maintain contact with leading companies in the financial-economic sector, and gain experience with how to work under time pressure.

Additionally, you will be able to participate in the activities organised for committee members throughout the year. These activities include a monthly drinks and different development days. The full benefits of being a committee member are summarized below.

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    Personal development

    Being a committee member provides ample opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills. Because all FSA committees are relatively small, you will have a lot of responsibility. This gives you a steep learning curve and the freedom to give a personal twist to the project you are working on.

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    Resumé + Network Building

    Get in touch with motivated fellow students and an alumni network made up of more than 800 former FSA members, many of whom now work at renowned companies. You also have the opportunity to get in contact with recruiters from large companies. Naturally, being a part of a committee within the largest financial study association in the Netherlands is an excellent addition to your resumé.

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    Activities en training

    As an committee member, you will receive trainings from distinguished companies such as Van Lanschot Kempen, PwC and Deloitte. Additionally, tailor-made trainings are provided to gain experience and master useful tools, such as working with Excel and furthering presentation and acquisition skills. Other events for committee members include monthly borrels, two committee member days per year and the annual FSA skiing holiday.

Different Committees

Every event organised by the FSA requires enthusiastic committee members. Committees range in size from 1 to 4 members and are always coordinated by someone from the board. An overview of the different committees is provided below. Committee members must be prepared that the amount of time spent on their project will increase as the date of the event approaches. Of course, being on a committee is combinable your studies.


All committee members will be selected in the summer (between June and August). This ensures that all committee members are involved from the start of the FSA year in September, which will strengthen the connection between members. The selection process for being in a committee is as follows:

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    If you are interested in being a part of an FSA committee, you can send an email to You will then be invited for an orientation discussion, during which the different possibilities of involvement within the FSA will be discussed.

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    If the orientation discussion leaves you enthusiastic, please send an email with your top 3 project choices to Internal Relations. An interview will then take place with two members of the board. Committee members will be chosen on a basis of extracurricular activities, grades, social skills, work experience and how far you are in your studies.

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    All applicants will hear before the first of September whether they have been selected for a committee. A committee evening will then take place, during which all committee members can get to know each other in an interactive way. From this moment onwards, the Internal Relations board member will be your contact point for everything concerning social activities within the FSA.